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...getting it right every time

As professionals in marquee hire, we are committed to exceeding our clients expectations every time and without fail.

By listening to your requirements and getting a full understanding of your event or occasion, we can be sure that we will deliver the right marquee solution for you.

That is why we insist on visiting the proposed marquee site and measuring up before we can commit our 100% service to you. 

That said; on this page we give you an idea of how you can roughly work out your marquee position and size before we visit.

All of our marquees are modern modular aluminium single-span framed structures, which allow the most flexibility in designing your event layout.  We can build our marquees on virtually any surface from grass lawns to tarmac car parks. 

Being of a single-span design, you have no centre poles or guy ropes to worry about, allowing you the most efficient use of open space.  Choose with or without carpets (we don't use old coconut matting!), you can decide your marquee widths and lengths in units of 10ft.

Understanding our Modular Single-Span Marquee Sizes

Our marquee sizes are variable in multiples of 10ft or 3 metre sections (or bays as we call them).  In the example above you can see that the marquee is 7 bays long and therefore 70ft or approx 21 metres in length. Your marquee can be as short as a single bay (10ft or 3 metres) or as long as you wish because we can keep adding more bays.

You will also notice that on the end visible on the left of the example, there are 3 x 10ft bays (marked with blue dots) running beneath the marquee apex roof, therefore this example marquee is 30ft or 9 metres wide.

In marquee widths we offer as standard; 10ft, 20ft, or 30ft wide, which you have now probably worked out to be 1, 2 or 3 bays wide respectively.

In the example above, bays 4 and 5 are window bays and bay 7 is a doorway. For your marquee we can put the windows and doors in whichever bay sections you wish or that you feel would be most suitable.  If you wish you can have an entire side with opening doors, windows or fully enclosed, its up to you.

Using interconnecting sections we could add another marquee to the side of the example above making an L shape overall, or indeed more marquees making further differing rooms. Using only the modern modular marquees that we do, the options and possibilities are confined only by the space available.

...so which marquee will fit our venue requirement?

We like to be sure. We like to know that before we arrive in our trucks and vans, we have enough access to the proposed venue area. We have enough manpower and that it is suitable to build the marquee size you have ordered.

This is part of our service commitment policy, we come along and measure up to be absolutely sure. The only exception that we make to our policy is, if we regularly build marquees at the venue that you have chosen, such as a hotel for example.

...what about access to the venue?

We consider access to the proposed venue, and we measure that too! By doing this at the time of booking in advance, if we need extra manpower to route-march the marquee components into situ, we have allowed and priced for it, so we are all clear on what is required and what it will cost.


No 11th hour shocks, and no surprises with A & B Marquees (with the exception of surprise birthday or anniversary party's perhaps!!). 


We measure the site as soon as you book with us, we like you to be there if possible when we do.  We look at all the options available and plan a contingency if we can, to be absolutely sure that we deliver exactly what we say we will, and we are all agreed on every eventuality (the weather for one!).

...Ok, what's next?....

We trust that this particular webpage has given you a little insight into the sizes and what needs to be planned for a marquee to be built at your venue.

We would be delighted to discuss your marquee requirement further with you, so please click on the Contact us button at the top of the page or if you prefer, phone us on: 07747 806794 






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